Why Use Cast Iron Pots

Are you wondering what the benefits of cast iron are? Look no further!

  1. A Teapot To Pass Down: Cast iron teapots are extremely durable. With proper care, they can last a lifetime (and longer).
  2. Retains Heat: Cast iron is good at retaining heat. The trick is to heat up your pot with boiling water before brewing tea. Dump the hot water out and brew tea normally.
  3. Presentation: Cast iron teapots are beautiful and ornate. The heft of the pot feels good in the hand. It makes for a great tea brewing experience.

Proper Cast Iron Care

  1. Hand wash with soapy water
  2. Air dry after use
  3. Don’t use on stove. Most cast iron pots have an inner lining that prevents rust, but doesn’t take well to heating on a stove.

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