What Is That Red Tea I Had On Vacation?

How To Make Iced Tea from Loose Leaf Tea


How To Make Iced Tea from Loose Leaf TeaWe often have customers asking for a “red tea they had on vacation.” Typically, these vacationers have been to the Caribbean, Jamaica, Mexico, Central, or South America, where they were served a deep red tart iced tea in copious quantities, and found themselves craving more. In the vast majority of cases, these vacationers have enjoyed hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus is an herbal tisane made from the roselle flower (hibiscus sabdariffa). It goes by many names, such as roselle, sorrel, and agua de Jamaica. The color is deep red with an unmistakably tart flavor. It is often sweetened to balance out the tart flavor and served iced. It is sometimes blended with ginger, cinnamon, or clove and a little rum.

The herbal tisane is high in vitamin C, and makes a great caffeine-free beverage, both hot and iced. Because of it’s strong flavor, it tastes best when blended with other ingredients. Here are some hibiscus blends for you to get your Caribbean red tea fix:

  • Organic Hibiscus Cooler: Sweet citrus notes of organic lemon verbena mingle with tart flavors of organic hibiscus.
  • Organic Cherry Hibiscus: A wonderfully tasty hibiscus tisane with flavors of cherry, and slight notes of orange and apple.
  • Organic Hibiscus Lime Cooler: A smooth and sweet organic rooibos blend with tart flavors of lime and hibiscus.
  • Organic Lemon Dandy: Tart and fruity hibiscus accentuated by citrus notes of lemon verbena and lemon myrtle, with the smallest hint of spice from purple tulsi.
  • Organic Cranberry Apple: Addictive tart fruity notes of cranberry and apple with piquant flavors of hibiscus.
  • Organic Cranberry Raspberry: Addictive tart fruity notes of cranberry and raspberry with piquant flavors of hibiscus.
  • Organic Raspberry Apple: A deliciously fruity and tart organic herbal infusion, with rich flavors of raspberry, apple, tart notes of hibiscus, and balanced with flavors of rose hips and blackberry leaf.

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