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Keep your customers cool and refreshed with iced tea. It’s easy to make, not very expensive, and keeps customers coming back. If you need help finding out how to make iced tea, check out our commercial iced tea brewing guide. Otherwise, read below to find out what iced tea to serve.

Less is more

It’s best to offer at least 2 varieties of iced tea on a daily basis. But don’t go crazy, the more varieties you have, the harder it is to keep up with production. Don’t start with more than 3 varieties. In fact, 2-3 varieties on a daily basis should be plenty. You can swap blends in your rotation throughout the week to keep things exciting and find your best performers.

“Just a plain iced tea please…”

A lot of customers will just want a plain black iced tea with a side of lemon. Please note, not any black tea will do. Some black teas will cloud up when iced, which may not affect taste, but will affect appearance. Other teas don’t hold up well to sitting refrigerated for an extended period. We strongly suggest using an Organic Nilgiri. It is a bold black tea, yet clean, crisp, and refreshing. It won’t cloud up when iced. It’s a tea that people would recognize as an iced tea, but of a higher quality, making their experience memorable.

An exciting blend

Next up is your show stopper. Give people something exciting and memorable, but not too over to top. Our Organic Moroccan Mint is a popular blend. Available in a green tea or herbal green rooibos, our Moroccan Mint is infused with spearmint leaves, giving it an extra cool and refreshing note.

Fruit flavors tend to perform well. Fruity black teas tend to be more robust, bolder, whereas fruity green teas tend to have a lighter, more floral body.

Caffeine-Free Option

Some people won’t want the caffeine kick from a black or green tea. There are many outstanding caffeine-free options that both adults and children will love. Fruit tisanes in particular will brew a rich red color that can have an excellent visual appeal.

More tea recommendations:

You can browse our iced tea category on our website for more ideas. For registered wholesale customers, feel free to reach out to us for exclusive summer blends and pricing. If you’re interested in becoming a wholesale customer, you can reach out via our wholesale customer registration form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Check out our iced tea brewing guide for coffee shops/restaurants.


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