Top Ten Iced Teas: Divinitea

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Looking for a fantastic iced tea this summer? Browse our organic iced tea category for the right tea for you. If you’re still having trouble, or would just like to know what our best selling iced teas are, check out our top ten iced teas:

1. Organic Moroccan Mint (Green Tea)

Our most popular iced tea, Moroccan mint is a cool and refreshing organic Chinese green tea with organic spearmint. Great for cleaning the palate and for digestion. This tea has a wonderful crisp and cool feeling that satisfies on a hot day!

2. Organic Nilgiri Black Tea

For those looking for a “plain” black tea, this is it. Our Organic Nilgiri is dark and aromatic, with a crisp, clean flavor. It makes a fantastic iced tea that never clouds.

3. Organic Summer Thyme (Black Tea)

All the flavors of a warm summer day. Sweet fruits enhanced with the complexity of lemon thyme. Very Aromatic! Organic Summer Thyme.

4. Organic Tropical Greens (Green Tea)

An organic green tea with pineapple, passion fruit, and mango. The tropical fruit really comes out in this tea. Very refreshing. Organic Tropical Greens.

5. Organic Raspberry Lemon Mint (Herbal)

A satisfying organic herbal blend with flavors of red raspberry, piquant notes of lemon, and a cooling taste of mint. Organic rooibos and red raspberry leaf give a pleasantly smooth and sweet body. Naturally caffeine free. Full of antioxidants. Organic Raspberry Lemon Mint.

6. Organic Tiki Tea (Black Tea)

An enticing organic black tea blend of coconut, lime, and lemongrass. Smooth and mildly tart. Makes an excellent iced tea. Organic Tiki Tea.

7. Organic Hibiscus Lime Cooler (Herbal)

A smooth and sweet organic rooibos blend with tart flavors of lime and hibiscus. Naturally caffeine free. Full of antioxidants. Tart and sweet with a lingering smoothness. Organic Hibiscus Lime Cooler.

8. Organic Pomegranate White (White Tea)

A smooth and delicate organic white tea with luscious flavors of pomegranate. This is a light bodied iced tea with a lingering spring freshness. Organic Pomegranate White.

9. Organic Black Currant Tea (Black Tea)

A bright and fruity cup, with flavors of fresh-picked black currants. An organic loose leaf black tea accentuated with organic black currant leaf. Organic Black Currant.

10. Organic Raspberry Apple(Herbal)

A deliciously fruity and tart organic herbal infusion, with rich flavors of raspberry, apple, tart notes of hibiscus, and balanced with flavors of rose hips and blackberry leaf. Naturally caffeine free, rich in antioxidants. Organic Raspberry Apple.


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