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Top 5 Coffee Substitutes

Top 5 Coffee Substitutes

Are you looking to kick your coffee addiction, but you still want a hot cup of something in the morning? You’re in luck! Here’s a few lower caffeine and caffeine free options:

  • Breakfast Tea (caffeinated): Compared to coffee, black tea has less than half the caffeine per serving. This is your most full bodied coffee alternative.
  • Roasted Yerba Mate (caffeinated): If you’re looking for a full bodied brew with a roasted flavor, try Roasted Yerba Mate. It has a similar caffeine content to black tea.
  • Decaf Black Tea: If you can’t have caffeine and you want to avoid coffee, try decaf black tea. With CO2 decaf method, all the caffeine is removed without compromising flavor.
  • Rooibos (caffeine free): For a naturally caffeine free herbal tea in the morning, try a mug of rooibos. It has a naturally smooth, sweet flavor that compliments any breakfast.
  • Purple Tulsi (caffeine free): If you’re looking for a mood enhancing morning cup, you don’t need caffeine. Try Purple Tulsi. The flavor is robust and slightly spicy. It’s well known for its stress relieving, clarifying effects.
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