Scientists Brew Tea in a Chocolate Teapot

Chocolate teapot

Have you ever heard the expression: “You’re about as useful as a chocolate teapot.”

The BBC ‘s The One Show challenged Nestlé to test the myth by developing a pot which doesn’t melt when filled with boiling water. Master chocolatier John Costello of Nestle’s Product Technology Centre in York, UK spent six weeks developing the teapot.

He chose dark chocolate made with 65 percent cocoa solids, since the low fat content would help it hold its shape better against boiling water. The mold required pouring in multiple thin layers of chocolate and took over two hours.

The resulting teapot was able to hold boiling water while tea steeped for two minutes. Surprisingly, the resulting brew had only a hint of chocolate flavor, with the flavor of the tea coming through strong.

So will we see chocolate teapots in the candy aisle anytime soon? We’ll just have to keep an eye on nestle to find out.


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