Yama Glass Chinese Water Kettle/Teapot – 40oz

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This unique Chinese Water Kettle doubles as a teapot, allowing you to boil water and brew tea in the same attractive teapot.

Each teapot is hand-blown from lead free borosilicate glass and features a bamboo swivel handle. The teapot can be used on both gas (low flame preferred) and electric stoves (wire included for use with surface elements) and is heat resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius.

This 40oz/1200ml teapot the perfect size for serving 1-2 people. Glass teapots are superior to other teapots as glass, unlike other materials used to make tea pots, imparts no material flavor to the tea and allows you to watch your tea brew for an attractive presentation.

Please take care to not boil the kettle when empty, place a hot kettle on a cool surface, and avoid hitting the glass against a hard surface, especially when the kettle is still hot. The kettle does not whistle, so please take care to not over-boil the water. In order to avoid heat loss of the tea after brewing, it is advised that the lid stay on for maximum heat retention.

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