Organic Raspberry White Tea

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A smooth and refreshing organic white tea with splendid fruity notes of raspberry. Excellent hot or iced.

Ingredients: Organic White Tea and Natural Raspberry Flavor
Amount Tea: 1 tsp. per 1 cup Water
Steeping Time: 1-2 Minutes
Steeping Temperature: 185°F
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A smooth and refreshing organic loose leaf white tea with splendid fruity notes of raspberry.

White Tea: Prevent Cancer, Arthritis, and Fight Aging

(From from Kingston University teamed up with Neal’s Yard Remedies to test the health properties of 21 plant and herb extracts. They discovered all of the plants tested had some potential benefits, but were intrigued to find white tea considerably outperformed all of them.

Professor Declan Naughton, from the School of Life Sciences at Kingston University in South West London, said the research showed white tea had anti-ageing potential and high levels of anti-oxidants which could prevent cancer and heart disease. “We’ve carried out tests to identify plant extracts that protected the structural proteins of the skin, specifically elastin and collagen,” he explained. “Elastin supports the body’s natural elasticity which helps lungs, arteries, ligaments and skin to function. It also helps body tissue to repair when you suffer wounds and stops skin from sagging.” Collagen is a protein found in connective tissues in the body and is important for skin, strength and elasticity, he added.

Results showed white tea prevented the activities of the enzymes which breakdown elastin and collagen which can lead to wrinkles that accompany ageing. These enzymes, along with oxidants, are associated with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis

Professor Naughton said: “These enzymes and oxidants are key components of normal body processes. However, in inflammatory conditions, suppressing the activities of these excess components has been the subject of decades of research. We were surprised to find such high activity for the white tea extracts in all five tests that were conducted.”

The researchers were blown away by exactly how well the white tea had performed. “We were testing very small amounts far less than you would find in a drink,” Professor Naughton, one of the country’s leading specialists on inflammation, said. “The early indicators are that white tea reduces the risk of inflammation which is characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers as well as wrinkles.”

Eight of the other plants and herbs analysed also helped protect against the breakdown of both elastin and collagen. After white tea, bladderwrack performed well followed by extracts of cleavers, rose, green tea, angelica, anise and pomegranate.

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Organic White Tea and Natural Raspberry Flavor

5 reviews for Organic Raspberry White Tea

  1. Sparkle Motion

    I like this flavor a lot. It is hard to find Raspberry White tea. It tastes like real raspberry. There are no actual raspberries in it though.

  2. Sunny

    This tea tastes pretty good. You can smell and taste the raspberries. I make it in a 64 fl oz thermos and it makes a great tea to drink all day (I add a few drops of lemon juice, that way the tea will not get dark over time).

  3. Jesus

    Beautifully rich. 10/10

  4. Angela

    Just tried my first cup. It has a lovely delicate raspberry flavor. Perfect tea to drink while working or reading a book. This is definitely a keeper.

  5. Holly Hemingway (verified owner)

    Received this order in October 2019 but did not open the package until now and found that the bag contains mostly twigs and very large leaves. This makes it very difficult to measure the tea without putting the tea in a bowl and breaking it up into a measurable size. We made a pot of tea with it this morning and the taste is completely different from past orders of the same tea; there is no raspberry flavor. I am completely disappointed.

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