Organic Pu-erh Leaf

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Aged like a fine wine, this organic pu-erh is smooth and rich with addictive earthy flavors. Excellent for digestion and weight loss. Traditionally served after heavy meals.

Ingredients: Organic Pu-erh
Amount Tea: 1 tsp. per 1 cup Water
Steeping Time: 2-5 Minutes
Steeping Temperature: 212°F
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Pu-Erh Health Benefits

Pu-erh has traditionally been served in China after heavy meals in order to “cut the grease.” Recent scientific research has verified this traditional practice. Two antioxidant compounds in pu-erh: theabrownin and gallic acid activate enzymes in our body responsible for fat metabolism. These antioxidants shrink fat tissue and help the body keep fat off weeks after ingestion. The caffeine in pu-erh helps speed metabolism, making the body more efficient at digesting a meal.

A study at China`s Kunming Medical College involving 55 patients found that consuming pu-erh tea 3 times a day lowered cholesterol levels by 64%; nearly as much as cholesterol medication.

Pu-Erh History

Pu-erh is named after its trading center, Pu-erh county in southern Yunnan. Over 2000 years ago, tea trading routes sprang up from Pu-erh County. These routes were known as “Cha Ma Gu Dao”, or “Old Tea Horse Road.” Tea would travel by horse in compressed form on long journeys to inland of China, Tibet, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand.

During these journeys, tea would be exposed to moisture, and would ferment as naturally occurring microorganisms flourished. As a result, tea was found to improve in quality by the end of its long journey. The connection was made, and the process of fermenting tea was cultivated.

Now pu-erh tea is fermented in a controlled environment. The temperature and humidity is controlled, and even the strains of microorganisms that are cultivated on the leaf are chosen.

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Organic Pu-erh

3 reviews for Organic Pu-erh Leaf

  1. Elizabeth

    My first try with Pu-erh Leaf Tea. I find it a satisfying cup of tea,. Earthier in taste than my regular tea of choice which is Assam Breakfast. But, I like the multiple brew capabilities of the Pu-erh and found the new taste inviting. Beautiful, full leaves.

  2. Kate

    This is one of my favorite coffee-substitute teas. It is rich and unusual– took me a couple cups to understand the flavor, but now I’m in love with it. Try it with coconut milk! It’s incredible.

  3. EML

    The premium pu-erh tea has a very satisfying earthy flavor and has become one of my favorite breakfast teas that goes well with mildly sweet granola. I have enjoyed pu-erh teas for a while because of their health, in particular promoting healthy metabolism, and this is my favorite one.

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