Organic Matcha – 30 Grams

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This organic ceremonial-grade matcha is smooth, full-bodied, with a naturally sweet finish. This traditionally prepared powdered green tea is packed full of antioxidants. Each 30 gram tin is vacuum sealed, ensuring a fresh, vibrant flavor. Enjoy on it’s own or use in smoothies and baking!

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Matcha Powder
Amount Tea:
Steeping Time:
Steeping Temperature:
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How to prepare matcha

  1. Heat water to 160° F – 180° F.
  2. Using a Bamboo Matcha Spoon, scoop 1 tsp. powdered matcha. Dispense over a fine mesh sieve inside a matcha bowl or other serving bowl. Work the matcha through the sieve in order to remove clumps.
  3. Add 6 oz hot water to the matcha bowl.
  4. Using a Bamboo Matcha Whisk, froth the matcha using a vigorous whisking motion. Make sure all the tea is dissolved.
  5. Consume within a few minutes of brewing to prevent settling and a bitter flavor.

How to prepare iced matcha

  1. Prepare matcha using instructions above
  2. Add sweetener, if desired
  3. Add milk to taste
  4. Add ice to chill
  5. Optional: Place in blender for a smoothie texture!
  6. Enjoy!

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Organic Japanese Matcha Powder


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