Organic Jasmine Green Tea

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Scented with blossoming Jasmine flowers, this organic Chinese green tea is pleasantly floral with a fragrant sweetness and vegetal undertones.

Ingredients: Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Amount Tea: 1 tsp. per 1 cup Water
Steeping Time: 1-3 Minutes
Steeping Temperature: 185°F
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How Jasmine Green Tea is Scented

Tea leaves are harvested in the early spring and stored until the late summer when fresh Jasmine flowers are in bloom. Jasmine flowers are picked in the late afternoon when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until nightfall. In the early evening, when the flowers begin to open, the tea is blended with Jasmine flowers and stored overnight. During the night Jasmine flowers open, bloom and release their fragrance into the tea. It takes over four hours for the tea to absorb the fragrance and flavor of the jasmine blossoms. This scenting process may be repeated for as many as six or seven times. The tea absorbs moisture from the fresh Jasmine flowers so it must be dried again to prevent spoilage.

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Organic Jasmine Green Tea

7 reviews for Organic Jasmine Green Tea

  1. Sheila

    I love this tea, a rich full taste, with jasmine overtones. No bitter aftertaste.

  2. Ekaterina

    Aromatic, delicious, wonderful quality!

  3. Sheila

    When I want to give myself a special treat, I brew a pot of Organic Jasmine Green Tea. I was first introduced to this delightful beverage at a small Internet café in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota while we were on vacation. I have since maintained a regular supply of my very favorite aromatic beverage at home. I sincerely hope that this product is never discontinued. Thank you!

  4. Lor

    Wonderful tea! Light and aromatic.

  5. Deborah

    This is my favorite of all organic green teas. The flavor can be very mild or more robust depending on the amount you use to steep the tea. I make it more strong and make an Organic Jasmine Green Tea Latte, which is my favorite on a Sunday afternoon.

  6. Shelley

    This is a flavorful green tea. I made this tea iced for the first time and love it!

  7. Shelley

    I love this tea. I made it iced for the first time and it is wonderful. It’s a flavorful tea with floral notes.

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