New Organic Iced Teas For The Summer

Organic Iced Tea for Summer

We went straight from Winter to Summer in Upstate New York, how about you? To help beat the heat, we’re introducing 3 exciting new iced tea blends. After exploring hundreds of flavor combinations, we settled on three new blends to share on our website.

Organic Lady Marmalade

A bold green tea with classic bergamot, and a finish of sweet floral chamomile and elder flower.

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Organic Tropical Tumeric

Lively tropical fruits with peppery turmeric. An exotic way to get the health benefits of turmeric.

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Organic Mango Cooler

Sweet mango and tart pomegranate tied together with orange and spearmint

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As always, check out our Iced Tea category to find your flavor.

Stay Cool!


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