How Long Does Tea Last

how long does tea last?

Properly stored loose leaf tea can last up to a year or longer. Will it taste as good as the day you bought it? No.

In general, you will get optimum flavor if used within 3 months.

That said, make sure the tea you purchase hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for a long time. At Divinitea, we hand blend our teas in small batches every day, to ensure that it’s the freshest it can be before reaching our customers.

Also, make sure you properly store your tea. When you buy your tea, transfer it immediately to a stainless steel tea tin. Stainless steel is great because it blocks sunlight, doesn’t absorb odors, and when properly constructed, makes a good seal.

Store your tea in a cool, dry place to ensure the greatest shelf-life. You might also want to mark the date on your tea tin if you think it will sit on the shelf a while, that way you remember exactly when you purchased it.

In addition, avoid bagged tea at the grocery store which is made of lower grade fannings and dust. This tea tends to sit on the shelf longer and oxidizes faster once opened.

For more advice on how to store your tea, check out our tea storage guide.

Note: Pu-erh teas are a rare exception to the shelf-life rule. Pu-erhs are aged teas, and improve over time, if properly stored.

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  1. It took me 2 years to like chai tea. I only knew it from Starbucks with lots of sugar. Then I discovered Teavanna and and was able to use starbucks gift cards there. It is the only loose leaf tea I ever knew. A year later Starbucks closed the stores but I bought a lot of tea on clearance to last me. I know it isnt a peak flavor but I am still drinking it as quickly as I can. I wish i could remember all the flavors I loved that they discontinued. I do love white chocolate peppermint, peach tranquility, and some other more fruity teas. After reading your website i realize much of what I was drinking was dried fruit. It is all i knew.
    I do like thr concentrate for chai by Tzao. Is there a chai blend you have that might be something like the Tzao concentrate? I know that has sugar and I might add monk fruit to sweeten it up a bit if i want it sweeter.
    I am intrigued at the large variety of teas and look forward to ordering several 2 oz sizes so I can see what I like. I do have lots of metal tins from teavanna to hide my new purchases in. My husband doesn’t appreciate the many flavors of teas that I have. He just sees tins and boxes of teas taking over my kitchen shelves. I must empty a few more tins before I place an order.
    Looking forward to tryimg your teas soon.

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