Divinitea Sales This Weekend Go To NY COVID-19 Relief Fund


We want to take a moment to thank all the health care workers and first responders working hard to save lives during this pandemic! You are our heroes!

At Divinitea, we help by keeping a bare-bones staff and by staying home. It’s grueling, it doesn’t feel glamourous, and sometimes feels thankless, but staying home saves lives. Together, we’re #NewYorkTough and will contine to be however long it takes.

As a further effort to help our fellow New Yorkers in need, we are donating 10% of our sales this weekend to support health care workers and first responders. Our governor announced the First Responders Fund to assist COVID-19 health care workers and first responders with expenses and costs, including child care. We will be donating 10% from this weekend’s sales to that fund.

For more information, including how these funds are used to support our heroes in health care, visit the COVID-19 portal on healthresearch.org


Share Your Tea Egg Photos!

Just like that, it’s Easter weekend. As a reminder, we’re looking for your naturally dyed tea egg photos.

Share us your egg pics on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the following hashtag:


Let us know what Divinitea teas and food ingredients you used. Our favorite pick will win 4oz tea of their choice from Divinitea.com! Winner will be chosen on the Monday after Easter (4/13/20) and announced on our social media accounts.

Photo from diy-enthusiasts.com egg dyeing guide

There are many colorful ingredients in your pantry that can be used for egg dyeing. Try your hibiscus tisanes, black teas, green teas or any tea on our website that you happen to enjoy drinking. Also, try red cabbage, red onion, turmeric, grape juice, beet juice. Prepare to be surprised, some ingredients might produce unexpected colors.

Here’s natural dyeing instructions from diy-enthusiasts.com, including some beautiful food decorated Fabergé egg ideas: https://diy-enthusiasts.com/decorating-ideas/easter/dye-decorate-easter-eggs-naturally/

In the meantime, have a great Easter weekend!



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