Divinitea Photography & Graphics Terms of Use

Unless otherwise noted, all design and photography is the property of Divinitea. We reserve all rights to our content. Divinitea is a registered trademark.

Social Sharing

You may share our photographs on social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, provided you reference Divinitea with a link to the page on our site where you found it.

Can you use our tea pictures on your website?

Thank you for taking an interest in our tea photography. Our unique tea photography is part of our brand. As a result, we maintain a certain standard when it comes to allowing others to use our pictures. We allow non-transferrable, limited usage of our tea photography under the following conditions:
  1. You are a current wholesale client with Divinitea. If you are not actively buying tea from us, we ask that you remove any of our tea photographs from your website or print materials.
  2. The tea photograph you are using represents the tea you are selling. In other words, if you use an image for English Breakfast, it should be for Divinitea’s English Breakfast tea only, not a blend you have created, or a blend from another supplier, or another tea we sell.
  3. The image is unedited. In other words, you don’t use image editing software to change color settings, or to swap out teas or backgrounds, or to crop out parts of the image.
  4. The image is not part of promotional material or designs unrelated to the product.
  If you do not fit this criteria and you would still like to use our photographs, please contact us for permission. Be as informative as possible on how you intend to use our photographs, and which ones you would like to use. If you need a photograph for a tea, and we do not have the photograph available, you may contact SojournerWeb Studio, our photography service provider, for a special request.

Can you use our graphics on your website?

For permission to use our graphics on your website, please contact us for permission. Please be as informative as possible on how you intend to use our graphics, and which ones you would like to use. We review each request on a case-by-case basis.
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