Creative Easter Ideas with Tea

Naturally dyed easter eggs are a fun way to celebrate Easter.

For those who are cooped up at home trying to find creative ways to spend time, here are some things you can do with tea! Including some creative Easter-themed ideas.

Dyeing Eggs Naturally

Photo from egg dyeing guide

This combination Easter activity/science experiment utilizes ingredients you have in your pantry to dye your eggs interesting colors.

Any colorful ingredient is fair game. Try your hibiscus tisanes, black teas, green teas or any tea on our website that you happen to enjoy drinking. Also, try red cabbage, red onion, turmeric, grape juice, beet juice. Prepare to be surprised, some ingredients might produce unexpected colors.

Share Your Pics – Tea Giveaway!

We’d be happy to see your results! Share us your egg pics on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the following hashtag:


Let us know what Divinitea teas and food ingredients you used. Our favorite pick will win 4oz tea of their choice from! Winner will be chosen on the Monday after Easter (4/13/20) and announced on our social media accounts.

Here’s natural dyeing instructions from, including some beautiful food decorated Fabergé egg ideas:

Marbled Tea Eggs


Photo from user Caroline C,

Tea eggs AKA marbled eggs are a savory treat with a beautiful marbled exterior. The trick to this traditional Chinese recipe is cracking the egg after you hard-boil it, then steeping it in a dark marinade. The marinade will seep into the cracks, giving the egg a marbled appearance when you peel the shell to serve. The flavors of the marinade infuse the egg, making this a flavorful treat.

If you can boil water and throw things in the water, then this recipe is in your grasp. This also is a family-friendly recipe, where children can help put the ingredients together or crack eggs without getting involved with boiling water.

For tea, we recommend a Chinese black tea, or for a smoky flavor, try a Lapsang Souchong.

Here’s the recipe from allrecipes.com

Have fun, and remember to share your photos using hashtag #DiviniteaEgg


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