Organic Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

St Patrick’s Day 2019 Sale

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we are offering 10% off all breakfast teas and green teas! Starting today, when you have breakfast teas or green teas in your shopping cart, enter the following coupon code:


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What’s an Irish Breakfast?

Ever wonder what an Irish breakfast is exactly? There is the tea and the breakfast itself. A traditional Irish Breakfast (not the tea) is a very hearty meal that will clog your arteries just to look at. It is more of a weekend or special occasion meal, and certainly not for the vegetarian or vegan palate! Expect some or all of the following on your overflowing plate:

  • Irish pork sausages (Bangers): The inclusion of rosemary, thyme, basil, and breadcrumbs make Irish sausages a little different than your average sausage.
  • Irish bacon (Rashers): Similar to Canadian bacon (more like ham) except with a little fattier, cut into a round shape.
  • Fried Eggs: With runny yolk.
  • Mushrooms: Sauteed in butter, because those mushrooms don’t have enough cholesterol on their own!
  • Baked Beans: Just your standard baked bean recipe.
  • Tomato: Cut in half and grilled until slightly caramelized.
  • Bread: Can be soda bread, potato bread, or your standard bread, just fry it up in bacon fat.
  • Black & or White Pudding: Not your standard pudding recipe. Black pudding is made from pork blood and white pudding is made from pork fat. Looks more like a patty.

Try at your own risk!

An Irish Breakfast tea, on the other hand is simply a blend of teas from different growing regions. It tends to weight heavily in malty Assam teas balanced with either clean crisp Ceylon teas or Chinese teas. An Irish Breakfast tea tends to stand up well to more savory meals, but can be enjoyed equally with something as simple as a piece of toast.

Want to brew your tea like the Irish? Add one teaspoon loose leaf tea per cup of water, plus one for the pot. Steep 3-4 minutes. When serving, fill the tea cup about 1/3 with milk, then add brewed tea. You might want to warm the milk a little if it’s cooling your tea down too much. Sweeten if desired. Need a little more help brewing tea? visit this link.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Divinitea now offers free shipping on orders $50+

Shipping Policy Update

Effective today, we are making some updates to our shipping policies. Due to increased shipping costs, we are raising the threshold for free tea shipping within the US to $50. The good news is that we are lowering the free US shipping threshold for teaware orders from $100 to $50. So simply put, all orders $50 and over now receive free US shipping.

You would benefit most from this new change if you occasionally want to add some tea sacs, tea tins, or other teaware to your order but don’t want to lay down $100 just to take advantage of free shipping. In fact, we will be expanding our tea selection over the coming weeks for a more well rounded offering. Feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for us to stock something.

If you buy 2oz – 1lb tea here and there, you’re going to see that shipping charge come into play. For those who typically order under $50, we recommend upping your tea order to take advantage of free shipping. Remember, properly stored tea can last up to a year. Another option is to buy some more variety of teas to expand your palate.

Stay tuned, because we are expanding our tea selections too. If you’ve ever visited our retail location, you might have noticed our offering is far greater than on our website. We will be expanding our tea selection online to more closely match our store offerings. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for recommendations on new teas to try.

For domestic orders under $50 we will defer to our discounted USPS priority mail shipping rates. All orders shipped outside the US will still be quoted USPS Priority Mail International.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you,

Organic Golden Milk Iced Tea

New Tea – Golden Milk

Organic Golden Milk Bulk Tea​We’ve been fielding a lot of requests for turmeric as of late. We’ve especially had a lot of interest in Golden Milk. So much so that we’ve decided to offer our own certified organic Golden Milk blend.

Golden milk has a satisfyingly complex flavor of chai spices and turmeric. Simmer with milk for a rich creamy texture and a vibrant golden infusion. Naturally caffeine free, Golden Milk can be served at any time of day. This sweet, spicy, robust beverage will become your new revered tradition.

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is also promoted for liver health, as a digestive aid, for improved immunity, and for healthier skin.

And great news for summer – you can have Golden Milk hot or iced! Golden milk makes a very refreshing latte!

Shop Online -Certified Organic Pineapple Jasmine Green Tea, Divinitea. Available in bulk & Wholesale.

New Tea – Pineapple Jasmine Green Tea

Certified Organic Pineapple Jasmine Green Tea, Divinitea. Available in bulk. Free shipping.​We’re excited to introduce a new blend to our summer lineup: Organic Pineapple Jasmine Green Tea. This is a flavorful organic green tea with sweet notes of pineapple and a floral finish of jasmine. Makes a delicious iced tea. Take advantage of our weekend sale to stock up.


Happy Father’s Day!

Find a substitute to your favorite Teavana Tea

Finding a substitute for your favorite Teavana Tea

Find a substitute to your favorite Teavana Tea

With Teavana shuttering all of its stores, including it’s location at Crossgates Mall in Albany, many tea drinkers are looking for a local alternative Albany NY tea store. Fortunately, there is a nearby location that serves as an ideal Teavana alternative tea shop.

“I’ve done a lot of research on their teas,” Linda Smith, owner of Divinitea, remarked. “We’ve been able to find a good replacement for Teavana customer’s favorite teas, whether it’s something we already blend, or it’s something we make just for them. It’s a personalized service.

“We’ve had a lot of customers come over from Teavana; our Clifton Park location is just 15 minutes away from the closed Teavana shop at Crossgates Mall. They will come in with a tea or describe it to us, and we’ve been able to help them out.”

When asked how closely she was able to come to a substitute: “While Teavana had many varieties, we have over 300 blends in house. We’ve come up with similar or even better tea blends customers enjoy.

“However, we don’t copy Teavana teas. We can’t, nor would we want to.” Linda added. “First of all, Teavana teas are not certified organic, meaning their ingredients can be treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We source only certified organic ingredients, to ensure they are safe and healthy.”

“Certain ingredients are very expensive to source organically. We don’t recommend including these ingredients in a Teavana substitute tea if they don’t affect flavor. A lot of the blends are overly complicated anyway, with something like 14 ingredients. Some of these ingredients are in there just for the names, to make the tea sound exotic. They are there in such small quantities that you can’t taste it and you aren’t really getting the health benefits.

“When we add an ingredient, it is there for a reason. It’s there for a flavor profile or a health benefit. There are no added sugars or sweeteners in our blends. I’ve actually eaten pieces of fruit out of Teavana tea. They’re sugared fruits,” Linda observed as she sifted through a Teavana blend, picking out fruit pieces.

“Another important note,” Linda continued, “we are a nut-free facility. None of our blends contain any nut products, so we’re safe for people with nut allergies. ”

When asked what customers should do if they want to replace their Teavana teas. Linda replied: “If you’re local, you can stop by our Clifton Park tea shop. It helps if you can bring the tea you want to replace, especially if you have a list of ingredients. But even if you don’t have that, we can make a recommendation.

“The best time to stop in is on Saturdays from 9:30-12. We have a free tea tasting. You can try any tea we have. It’s a great opportunity to discover something new.”

“If you’re not local, or can’t make the trip, you can always call or email us. We can help you find what you’re looking for. Our website,, has a wide selection of our teas, and we offer free shipping, so you can have your tea delivered to your door at no extra charge.”


Need A Teavana Tea Alternative? We’re On The Case!

Feel free to shop on our website for a replacement for your Teavana tea. If you would like help, call us at 518.347.0689 to consult a tea blending specialist.

Organic Passion Fruit Tea

Beat The Winter Blues with Tea

It’s been a frigid winter so far in many parts of the country. Iguanas are falling from the trees in Florida, bomb cyclones are dropping snow on the east coast, and Mount Washington is making Mars looking like a balmy retreat.

Although winter takes on a different meaning for some. Our thoughts go out to  California in particular, where a record breaking fire season has resulted in destructive mudslides.

Whatever the weather, it’s a good time to take a break, take stock, and like a character out of a Hercule Poirot story, calm your nerves with a strong cuppa.

Beat The Blues

This weekend we’re running a website and in store promotion for 10% off the following teas. Plus earn rewards points when you shop online.

Use coupon code BEAT-THE-BLUES from now thru Monday (1/15) for the teas below:

  • Earl Grey’s Passion: An organic Earl Grey tea with a hint of passion fruit. Made with real organic orange and lemon peel. This tastes great hot or iced.
  • Persian Plum Rose: An exotic organic black tea blend with sultry notes of plum and rose petals, and a pleasant finish of cardamom spice.
  • Cranberry Raspberry: Addictive tart fruity notes of cranberry and raspberry with piquant flavors of hibiscus. Tasty hot or iced. Naturally caffeine free organic blend, full of antioxidants.
  • Organic Passion Fruit Tea: Rich, ripe flavors of passion fruit with an organic black tea base. Excellent hot or iced.
  • Ceylon Green: From the lush tropical tea estates of Sri Lanka, this organic Ceylon green tea has gentle floral notes and a brisk grassiness.


New Website?

Perhaps you have noticed our website has changed? We have undergone a major upgrade with a lot of new features. We will keep you posted in a separate newsletter.

Here are a few teasers in the meantime. First and most important, we have a new design for mobile devices, for a dramatic improvement in viewing on phones and tablets. We also rolled out a saved payment method feature that allows you to remember a credit card. The information is securely stored on our payment processor’s protected servers. We are also working on improvements to our tea of the month club and gift card program, with news upcoming on both fronts.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us with questions!

Have a great weekend!


Divinitea is Moving!

Divinitea is moving to Clifton Park NY

Great news, we are moving our retail location and blending facility to Clifton Park, NY! Our new location will have more space to accommodate our growing demands.

Timeline of Services

Wholesale Customers: If you have a wholesale account with us, you can continue to order over the phone during our normal business hours at 518.347.0689. There will be no interruption of services.

Web Sales Our website will be online 24/7 and we will still process web orders normally.

In-Store Purchases: Saturday, April 22nd will be our last day of services in Schenectady, NY! So stock up then. Starting the week of April 24th, both our Schenectady location and our Clifton Park location will be closed while we move. We won’t have the ability to sell tea or teaware in either store. If you like to buy from us in-store, you can purchase online instead, or wait until our location is up and running in Clifton Park on May 6th.

New Location Address

1604 Route 9
Clifton Park, NY 12065

You can keep up to date on our website or check out our Facebook page.

New Harvest: Organic Silver Tips White Tea

We just received a fresh harvest of Organic Silver Tips White Tea from the Makaibari Estate in India’s Darjeeling district. Check it out, it was a great season this year. View Tea…

View Tea

New Organic Fall Teas!

Check out our new organic fall teas!

Our new Organic Fall Teas are in for the 2015 season! Take the chill out of autumn with these exciting blends:

  • Organic Chocolate Chai: The pairing of chai spices, chocolate, and robust black tea creates a brew that makes everyday feel like a special occasion.
  • Organic Berry Scone: Sweet rooibos and bright fruits, folded in with maple and vanilla. The final product makes a caffeine-free treat reminiscent of teas most famous companion.
  • Organic Yoda Chai: Traditional Chai Spices, make for a caffeine free spicy blend, or pair with your favorite blend to create your own custom chai tea!

Open Saturdays

We are open again on Saturdays for the fall and winter season, 10am – 2pm. We are also open Mon – Fri, 9am -5pm as usual. We’ll be seeing you!