How Much Caffeine is Left After Resteeping?

Caffeine in tea

Every time you steep tea, caffeine is removed. The question is, how much tea is left after a second and third steeping? Is it true that you can rinse tea leaves to remove most of the caffeine?

Traditional Method for Removing Caffeine from Tea

  1. Steep tea for 30 Seconds in hot water
  2. Dump water
  3. Resteep tea for desired time

Now 80% of the caffeine is removed, right? Think again… According to a study by Dr. Bruce Branan, Professor of Chemistry at Asbury College (Wilmore, KY), it takes a three-minute infusion just to remove 46-70% of the caffeine from a cup of tea.

Another item of interest, a Chinese white tea ranked #2 in caffeine content, just under an Assam black tea, suggesting that oxidation doesn’t affect caffeine levels in tea.

The only way to remove caffeine? Buy a decaf tea, or try an herbal infusion

Fun Fact: Did you know that shade grown teas have more caffeine than teas grown in full sun?

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