A Special Thanks from Divinitea


We wanted to start the new year by thanking you for your patronage. Whether you’ve purchased 2oz of tea or 200lbs, your purchase supports everyone at Divinitea, from our tea blenders to our order fulfillment staff, and all the people that keep our small business alive and well.

Every purchase makes it possible for us to support tea plantations that invest in rigorous certified organic standards. Our tea gardens submit to on-site testing, annual inspections, and detailed audits to ensure that everything going in, going out, and even the soil itself is free of synthetic chemicals and meets certified organic standards. These rigorous third-party inspections extend to our operations as well. Every year, we are audited by NOFA-NY and submit to regular inspections to ensure every ingredient in house is accounted for and meets USDA certfied organic standards.

As you can imagine, this is a very difficult and costly process for tea plantations, for our herbal suppliers, and for us. This makes it difficult to compete with tea plantations and businesses who use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and who do not hold themselves to the same high standard of quality control in the name of higher yield and cheaper tea.

We invest the time and the effort because we want to offer the best tasting tea, the best tea for the environment, and the best tea for your health.

Our most important audit, however, comes from you. Your continued patronage in 2020 lets us know that we are doing our job and that our efforts count. That includes a positive all-around customer experience. If you ever have questions, comments, and concerns, feel free to contact us via email or phone, or visit our tea shop in Clifton Park, NY.

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2020!


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