New Organic Iced Teas For The Summer

Organic Iced Tea for Summer

We went straight from Winter to Summer in Upstate New York, how about you? To help beat the heat, we’re introducing 3 exciting new iced tea blends. After exploring hundreds of flavor combinations, we settled on three new blends to share on our website.

Organic Lady Marmalade

A bold green tea with classic bergamot, and a finish of sweet floral chamomile and elder flower.

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Organic Tropical Tumeric

Lively tropical fruits with peppery turmeric. An exotic way to get the health benefits of turmeric.

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Organic Mango Cooler

Sweet mango and tart pomegranate tied together with orange and spearmint

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As always, check out our Iced Tea category to find your flavor.

Stay Cool!

Mother’s Day Tea Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here. Do you need help with gift ideas? If your mom loves tea, here are some recommendations.

Tea of the month club

Is your mother stuck on the same tea? Help her break a rut and explore new teas every month! Subscribe her to our Organic Tea of The Month Club and we will deliver 1-2 brand new and exciting teas every month. This is a great way to explore customer favorite teas without having to decide what’s best.

We have many options for black tea lovers, green tea lovers, or people who like to explore everything.

Explore our tea club.

Brown Betty Teapot

Our original Brown Betty Teapots are handmade in the UK. The classic design is for more than just aesthetics, it’s said to brew the best pot of tea in the world. This is a great everyday use tea pot, available in a variety of sizes for single-serve, or serving many guests.

Don’t forget the tea infuser and some breakfast tea to go with it.

Gift Card

Don’t know what your mother likes, try our virtual gift cards. Have them delivered right on Mother’s Day. She can purchase anything she wants straight from our website.

Budget Buy: Tea Sacs + 2oz Tea

If you’re looking for an inexpensive tea gift and your mother doesn’t have a tea infuser to brew loose leaf tea, check out our Tea Sacs. These paper tea filters are easy to use, and come in a variety of sizes. With 2 ounces of tea, she’s ready to go. All she’ll need is hot water!

If you need help deciding what tea to get, try our seasonal teas or breakfast teas.