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Welcome to Divinitea. We offer the highest quality USDA certified organic loose leaf teas. Our unique blends are made daily in small batches. We also carry a wide selection of tea ware.

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USDA Organic Teas - DiviniteaAt Divinitea, our loose leaf teas are blended using only the finest Certified Organic and Biodynamic teas, herbs and spices gathered from around the world. We strive to create the tastiest, purest and freshest organic teas and organic herbal infusions All our blends are made to order in small batches. They are all unconditionally guaranteed.

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Buy Organic Bulk TeaLooking for wholesale certified organic tea? Divinitea specializes in wholesale organic loose leaf tea. We have hundreds of custom organic tea blends and organic herbal blends. We also make custom teas to order. We use the finest quality teas and the best natural ingredients from around the world.

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