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Rewards Points FAQ

How do I spend my rewards points?

It's easy to spend your rewards points. Be sure to log in to your customer account. Then shop as normal. When you are ready to check out, view your shopping cart

You'll see a field titled "Spend Your Points." Simply use the sliding scale to specify how many points you want to spend, or select the option "maximize my discount with points" to use all of them. Find out more about how to earn rewards points here.

rewards points earning on organic tea

Tea Club FAQ

Why does my tea club order total show up as $0.00?

When you first sign up for the organic tea of the month club, you are activating your subscription. Your credit card will not be charged immediately. Your credit card will be charged on the subscription start date you specify, or the morning after. Thereafter, your card will be charged on a monthly basis for the duration of your subscription. It will be charged the cost of the subscription plus shipping

organic tea club checkout


How are scented teas "scented?"

You may notice that some of our organic teas contain natural flavors. The flavorings we use in our organic blends are all natural flavors that are produced here in the US according to Divinitea’s specifications. Though the flavors are not organic themselves, they are recognized by the USDA-NOP program and are fully compliant with current organic standards and regulations. These flavors are produced by using grain alcohol from NON-GMO wheat, which acts as the solvent to extract the flavors from their natural components, i.e. natural strawberry flavor uses real strawberry fruit to extract the flavor from. At no time do these flavors use artificial compounds or chemicals to mimic flavors as is a common practice with artificial flavorings. There is no gluten in the final flavors as the alcohol obtained from the grain is a purified product.